Tiber Utopia

Rome, Italy


How might we better help people in Rome enjoy the Tiber Rive once again?


Rome Residences and Tourists who visit Tiber River


Connect the two sides of Tiber and linking the gardens

Due to the intensely vertical separation between the Rome city and Tiber River that created by the embankments, people in Rome only have two options, either walk above or below the dams. The sense of separation suggests the need for spatial connections, which makes it possible to activate the “in-between” space.

Proposed is a series of installations spread along the riverbank and covers the whole urban riverbank. Inspired by the annual summer market that is held along the Tiber River, the project introduces a LEGO modular system. It can be easy to install and continually build up by stacking modular cubes, offering multiple options for people to interact with the city, river, as well as the embankments. 


Connect the whole city through Tiber River and the gardens around it

The LEGO cubes, placed along the Tiber River, function as infill objects, attracting new people, activities, and resources to reactivate the entire hollow space created by the embankments. The design aims to provide public area, restaurants, stands, as well as stores to foster community in the previously unused space, transforming the entire space into an active and integrated society. By merely stacking the modular cubes, the project can be customizable to whichever combination, shape and space with creativity. In time, these colorful interventions will become part of Rome’s long history.

A fun way to create a fusion of LEGO blocks and Architecture

A fun illustration of how the design would look like and also the structure details of how different elements connect