Magnuson Park, Seattle, Washington


How might we preserve the historic elements while redesigning the vacant fire station?


General public who lives near the Warren. G. Magnuson Park and visit the park


Preserving a building that represents the history of Magnuson Park

The main subject of this project is an adaptive reuse of a vacant fire station located in Warren. G. Magnuson Park. Our instructor, Prof. Merlino, listed the historic significance and energy saving of this firehouse in this article: Save that old firehouse at Magnuson Park. The space of this firehouse could be used as a bike shop, a bookstore, a coffee store, a restaurant, or an art gallery.

This project is one of the proposal we designed to visualize what would the building be like after being redesigned. The project consists of a pavilion with mixed-use of a library, cafe space, visitor center, and a series of outside green areas.


Frozen flowers

The firehouse has been vacant for decades, and its interior has been decayed and heavily damaged. The design concept is to treat the old as a frozen flower, and new structure as new life growing in the old building. The spatial layout for the new parts is based on the volume of the original building. Both the old support structure (the bones) and the brick wall (the skin) become an exhibition of the Warren. G. Magnuson Park history. This mixed-use project is the result of an orchestrated relationship among past, present, and future.


Reactivate the vacancy

The concept is to fully respect the old structure and bring new space into the building at the same time. The shape of the original building is a block with an extreme sense of enclosure. The design is to break the block and turn the interior space to exterior space so that the building can be a relatively open structure and, in this way, to reactivate the whole site.

Designed Plan and Section for Ground floor and 2nd floor.

Final Renderings

Physical Models