A community to learn, practice,
moreover, share design


Design an online community for sharing design-related work, experiences, and knowledge from professionals


Designers & people who are interested in design and willing to share their work online


Paper & pen, Sketch, Photoshop, After Effects


Problem space

As an architectural design student, I often seek inspirations Online by browsing Pinterest or Behance, which are all sharing-based community. However, besides classmates and professors, there is barely any chance for me to either ask or answer questions.

During the interview, I learned that most design students find it helpful to talk through their design with others, and it will be even better to learn from professionals. But due to the lack of connections, they do not have the resource and opportunity to ask and learn.


A national-wide survey to overview the problem

To understand people's mental mood of sharing their ideas Online. During the interview, I gradually gained a better picture of the elements that can make the design better. Also, by asking them about their design experience,  I started to understand the problem in their perspective.

To understand people's willingness to share ideas and need finding. I distributed a survey through the Internet and received 237 responses. The study focused on the willingness to share and to ask. Besides, the survey also included the frequency of using similar websites and applications.


Deciding the directions

- Mind Mapping

Based on the goal of designing Peer. I created a mind map for the better understanding of how this system should work and the interaction between users and program features. This process strengthened the foundation of designing Peer.

- Feature Box

After the mind mapping process, according to the survey result, I brainstormed the possible features for maximizing the function that Peer can bring to its users. In this case, I used a Feature Basket to collect all the potential ideas from the brainstorming.


Creating a friendly designer community

Communication makes the design better. Peer is a Q&A based communicational platform that allows design students and professionals to share ideas and suggestions. It is a community to learn, practice, and share design.

After the ideation process, I created three primary functions to help design students and professionals with their design. Browsing, Networking, and Live Speech.


Learning from the users

As my first time doing UX design and research, I developed a few methods that allow me to learn and efficiently do work. I chose three to five MVP ideas and iterated as many time as I could, and always seek answers from my users when I went into rabbit holes and when I cannot make the right decisions.