UX Design Internship

Seoul, Korea


Incubation Studio, an outlet for experimental projects to test a hypothesis, validate with early feedback, and build on ideas that work


NAVER, an Internet content service company headquartered in South Korea


Spending 3 months at NAVER in Korea

During the past summer, I was a UX design intern on the incubation studio team at NAVER. I worked on a team with designers, engineers, researchers, and PMs to explore new services for the company. The mission of the incubation studio is to discover new opportunities and businesses in the market and test out the ideas by putting them into the market as soon as possible.

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Being a UX designer in industry

I had the opportunity to own two projects where I researched, ideated, designed, and prototyped a seamless P2P recommendation service through an innovative mobile application. I led the experience and interaction design work of the product. After that, I was working on an existing product, FocusBot, where I could think more about the constraints of technology and how far the team can deliver within the next update. Since these projects have not been launched, please get in touch if you wouldlike to know more.

Please shoot me an email for password if you would like to view this project ;)

Email: dawenz@uw.edu

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Learning to decipher ambiguity as a team

In 10 weeks, I collaborated with designers, product manager, researchers, and my mentors, Sumin, Bogum, Yung, and Steve, to research, design, prototype, test and eventually deliver a potential new service targeting Millennials.


Designing for users with empathy

Be a storyteller

A designer’s responsibility is the ability to communicate design decisions effectively and the why behind it. Being able to deliver a compelling and clear story about the design can not only help people understand the design but also can often make a big difference.

Be purposeful

Great design is always created collaboratively. Understanding people's time is precious, making every critique counts, and treating any chance to present as a full pitch. The ability to be clear about what to show and what I need from a meeting, review, or critique is invaluable.

Find connections

Great design is often an integration of different aspects: the users, the business, marketing, management, and more. A good UX designer should have a vision of the product in big picture, and has the ability to find connections among different stakeholders.

Enjoy the uncertainties

The beginning stage of any project is often full of uncertainties. I learned to adapt the ambiguity and ensure making progress in each process. At the end of this internship, I became more and more familiar with uncertainties and began to enjoy the challenges it brought.