The Capture

Forks, Washington, USA


How might we introduce the CLT material to the tourists in Forks as much as possible through the information kiosk?


Tourists who visit Forks, Potential investors who are interested in wood structure products


Introducing a new type of building material that may help people in Forks bring back their economy

Due to the depression of the forest industry, people in Forks have been experiencing a financial decline for decades. The movie series Twilight has helped with some businesses on the main drag, but the city still needs more financial income.

Being able to generate building material with high strength by using low-quality wood, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) can be a potential product for people in Forks to produce and bring back their economy. The primary task is to design an information kiosk with CLT and introduce this new material and illustrate what it can do to tourists and potential investors during their visit.

The goal was to present the CLT material to as much people as possible.


Defining what people would do in the kiosk is also essential to this project because a good program would make people to stay in the kiosk longer.


Finding an optimal location to build the kiosk is the most important task of this project. We need to find a place with the most traffic and easy to be seen by tourists.


The perfect location: A park in front of the bus center

After interviewing with the city administrator and some tourists who were visiting Forks, we found that the most human traffic happened in the city bus center, and there was a vacant park in front of it that was allowed to build the kiosk.

Proposed is a kiosk design that provides people a place to rest near the bus center and exhibits the CLT material for tourists who are visiting Forks and potentially be willing to invest on this new material.


A city landscape that presents material strength

My kiosk design is to explore the curvature of CLT to represent the strength of the material. The curve consists of three circles, which also capture three different space and create unique positive and negative area to offer people different resting experience of the building and the material.

Final Renderings